Dyno-testing and ECU-mapping

We can perform dyno-tests on our Dynojet bench. We can simulate the road or track performance of your bike’s engine during varying rates of acceleration, at steady speeds or at part or full throttle.

According to your needs or wishes we can fine tune or even remap your bike’s ECU. This will result in a smoother and stronger running engine.

Engine tuning

We are able to offer you a wide range of engine tuning stages.

We can install big bore kits, perform porting and gas flowing of your cilinderheads, install new valve seats and guides, ... Ask for it!

Ducati TT-F1 and TT2

We just love these little thoroughbreds! We’ve build, raced and won several classic sprint and endurance races with our Redfox – Grinta TT-F1. And so can you! Everything you need to build your own TT-F1 or TT2 is available or can be produced in our shop.

Aftermarket parts

Through our major business: Redfox import, we can sell you the best Ducati parts avaible from the world’s leading brands.

General Ducati maintance

This is our main business next to selling parts for also other brands next to Ducati.